Tea Collection

Nandi, Queen of Zululand
Honeybush, coconut, peppermint & mango (Immunity*) 

The unbreakable bond of Queen Nandi and her son, Zulu warrior King Shaka, is mirrored in the epic intensity of honeybush and cat paw’s golden hues. Mild peppermint notes sing with the timeless majesty of a mother’s love. Sweet coconut flakes and mango remind us all that even amidst violence and vengeance, a soldier’s mother will always call him her baby.

Nandi (ca. 1760 – 1827) bore the illegitimate child of Zulu ruler Senzangakhona kaJama. Aware of her son’s lineage and despite the rejection from her tribe, she raised him according to the principles of royalty and protected him from his enemies. Having endured many hardships together, her son worshipped her for the care she bestowed upon him. To this day, the South African culture honours her for having given life and nurtured one of Africa’s most legendary modern-day warriors and kings.

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The YSWARA African Queens Health Tea and Infusion Collection is inspired by our continent’s commanding legacy of female leadership. In tea we travel with the soaring spirits of women warriors, the intense adoration of maternal majesty and the dynamism of economic empires ancient and modern. Each infusion embraces the layered loveliness of herb, spice and flower macerated teas because the daughters of Africa know that power has nothing to do with growing a beard, and everything to do with standing on your own two feet.