Musk & Pepper 

Essential oils: Cedar, lavender, sage & lemon

Salute the sprawling, cantankerous, stubbornly glorious golden spirit of Johannesburg. Scents of basil, orange and geranium offer up the inspiring optimism of a city where everyone comes from somewhere else in search of a better life. It is a city each day reclaimed and made anew in hopes and dreams, with a musk-laden spirit, shaped by the restless tempo of the ever-whirling wind.

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Our Home fragrances pays tribute to the eternal glow of African fragrances and the healing power of the continent’s many herbs and flowers.

The YSWARA massage candle collection Johari la Africa, offers an olfactory journey through the most exhilarating and dignified of African cities. From the splendour and spices of ancient Addis Ababa to the urban heart of contemporary Lagos, the vibrant and beautiful cities of Africa romance the senses. They are torches of splendour, each illuminating an aspect of the aromatic, bejewelled brilliance of the continent.

Each eco-friendly, soy wax candle is individually hand-poured with essential oils and carefully formulated by a perfume nez. When burned, the candles are reduced to fragrant massage oils that can be applied to the body in the tradition of ancient African customs, in which oils have long been used at weddings to beautify the bride, softening her skin and lifting her spirit with the purity and splendour of nature’s luscious abundance. The oils are therapeutic in nature: relieving stress, revitalising, bringing a sense of clarity and creating an aromatherapy experience.

YSWARA organic soy candles are:
• Eco-friendly and body safe
• Colourant-free
• Made with natural, lead-free wicks
• GM-free
• Clean burning
• Great for massages – melted soy oil can be used as a moisturizer (wash spills with hot soapy water)